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1. Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

If lash extensions are applied properly with 1 extension to 1 natural lash, you will not see lash damage.

2. How often should I fill my lashes?

Average time frame for a fill is 2-3 weeks.

3. What are some things to avoid with lash extensions?

You should avoid: - oil based products, such as mascara, pencil liners, cream eyeshadows, etc. - sleeping on your face - rubbing and/or pulling your lashes.

4. Lash facts:

The average person has 90-120 natural lashes per eye. Typically, each eye can shed 2-5 natural lashes per day. that will be in total: 1st week = 21 lashes. 2nd week = 42 lashes. 3rd week = 63 lashes.

5. About external fills:

If your previous technician has applied lashes properly, we will do an external fill and we'll make sure to do our best to match the lashes to the ones you have. If your lashes are applied incorrectly, we don't want cause further damage, so a removal and a new set will be recommended.

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